Quixel Mixer 2021 Released

Quixel Mixer, which was acquired by Epic Games back in 2019, just released version 2021. This free (yes, actually free) 3D texturing tool gained several new features in the 2021 release including:

  • support for UDIM textures
  • ability to create and edit multiple texture sets which can be painted across seamlessly
  • the ability to “smart focus” on different texture sets
  • the ability to (destructively) collapse texture layers for better performance and organization
  • 100+ free Smart Materials added to the library
  • ability to save fully textured models to your local library
  • new samples and tutorials

Quixel Mixer, including the included materials, is free for commercial use, regardless to what purpose or game engine you use. Additionally if you are an Unreal Engine developer, you can integrate with the massive Quixel MegaScans library into Mixer freely as well.

Quixel Mixer is available for download for PC and Mac right here while further details of the Quixel Mixer 2021 release are available here. You can learn more about Quixel 2021 release in the video below.

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