Quixel Release Quixel Bridge 2020.4

Quixel have just released Quixel Bridge 2020.4 with a heavy focus on making the tool easier to use. Quixel Bridge is a cross platform (Linux, Windows and Mac), free tool for organizing your textures, as well as acting as a communication tool between your data and your game engine or DCC tool of choice. Quixel Bridge also acts as a handy interface to Megascans massive texture and 3D object library, a library that is completely free for Unreal Engine users!

Highlights of the 2020.4 release from the Quixel blog:

At the beginning of this year, we overhauled the Bridge browsing experience to help you discover new, relevant content faster than ever before. As part of this ongoing effort to simplify the creative experience for artists, this latest update comes packed with enhancements to the Asset Preview Panel, the download and export settings, and other improvements that make Bridge even easier to use.

Key new features include:

  • Redesigned Asset Preview Panel
  • Simplified download and export settings
  • Managing Plugins made easier
  • Simpler initial set up
  • Deeper categorization

Quixel Bridge is available as a free download here and you can learn more about the 2020.4 release in the video below.

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