RayLib receives an Epic MegaGrant

Raylib, an open source cross platform C/C++ framework for making games just received an Epic MegaGrant, joining other open source projects such as Godot, Blender, Krita and more. The MegaGrant program provides no strings attached funding to projects in the film, game and open source world to help support development efforts. It was recently announced that Epic was nearing the halfway point in the $100M giveaway program.

RayLib I previously described as The Best Way To Learn C or C++ Game Development and that opinion hasn’t changed. It is an incredibly straight forward and easy to use modular game framework with support for tons of languages and platforms. If you are looking to start game development and want to use C or C++, or are simply on the lookout for a good and straight forward media framework, you should certainly consider RayLib.

You can learn more about RayLib and the MegaGrant program in the video below. Congratulations to @raysan and be sure to pop in their Discord Server and say hello.

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