Real-World Unreal Bundle for Devs on Humble

There is a new Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, the Real-World Unreal Bundle for Devs. This is one of the first times we’ve seen Unreal Marketplace assets on Humble (the first time?), however it is also extremely niche as it is basically all about a single asset, COALA. COALA stands for Context Aware Location Assessment, it enables you to utilize real-world data in your game, such as maps, weather and more. If you are looking to make a Pokemon Go style title, it could be useful for you.

As with all Humbles it is organized into tiers, although the 1$ tier is mostly useless without the middle tier. The bundle consists of:

1$ Tier

COALA 3 month voucher

Mid Tier

COALA Unreal Package + 3 Month Trialis

35$ Tier

Fantasy Map Style

Sci-Fi Map Style

Low Poly Map Style

The 3 month voucher can be combined with the 3 month trial, giving a total of 6 months usage. As with all Humble Bundles, you decide how your money is allocated, between Humble, charity, the publisher and if you so choose (and thanks so much if you do!) to support GFS using this link. You can learn more about the Real-World Unreal Bundle in the video below.

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