Rider 2018.2 Released

JetBrains, the makers of popular developer tools such as IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, CLion and ReSharper just released an updated version of Rider, their C# IDE.  This release contains numerous bug fixes as well as several new features such as complete C# 7.3 support, being able to debug Docker containers, MacBook TouchBar support, improved unit testing, integrated spell checking and more.

Details of the release from the release blog:

  • Debugger: call stacks are now displayed in a more understandable way, thread-specific breakpoints have been introduced, and inspecting and expanding unsafe pointers is now supported.
  • Docker support has reached the debugger: It is now possible to debug ASP.NET Core apps in a local (Linux) Docker container: inspecting variables, the stack frames, threads, as well as stepping through your own or decompiled third-party code.
  • Publishing: We have added two new run configurations: Publish to IIS and Publish to custom server. Currently, only publishing of ASP.NET Core Web projects is supported.
  • Code completion: we now use ReSharper’s statistics-based scoring algorithm to provide more relevant items higher in the code completion popup. Moreover, code completion now works in scratch files, debugger watches, and the C# Interactive tool window.
  • Solution Explorer redesign: a new toolbar with Show all files, Autoscroll to/from source and File Nesting Settings icons. The Solution Explorer now includes Scratches view, handles nested files better, and gets the File System and the Folders always on top modes.
  • MacBook Touch Bar support for the IDE, new icons, dark window headers on Mac.
  • dotCover comes to Rider: Unit test coverage and continuous testing are now available out of the box. It is currently only available on Windows for now but it is the first step towards dotCover integration on all supported platforms.
  • Integrated spell checking: ReSpeller plugin was finally merged to ReSharper and now it comes out of the box. Other updates included from ReSharper 2018.2: C# 7.3 support, initial Blazor support, and more!
  • Templates editor: You can now manage, add, and modify Live/Surround/File Templates right from the Rider settings.
  • Frontend development features: TypeScript 2.9/3.0 support, improved support for React, Angular, and Vue.js.
  • VCS update: Easier resolve of merge conflicts, enhancements in VCS Log tab, favorite branches in Branch filter, Browse repository at revision action, and more!
  • Unity support: support for .asmdef and csc.rsp files, an option to disable Unity Reload Assembles in Play mode, Unity players in the Attach to Unity Process list, a fix for the invalid warning for this == null in Unity types, improved support for debugging remote players, Packages and Scratches nodes in Unity Explorer, and more!
  • F# support: File Templates now work inside F# projects, F# 4.5 features like Span support and the match! keyword come to FSharp.Compiler.Service.
  • C# Interactive: a new Reference in the C# Interactive context menu is available to reference the selected assembly or project in C# Interactive tool window, and the debugger can be attached to C# Interactive tool window.
  • Unit Testing: Discovering and running tests in SDK-styled projects is now faster, a new lock/unlock icon has been added to the Unit Test Session toolbar, Unit Testing related actions have been added into the default keymap, and more.
  • NuGet support: We added a filter, format customization, and advanced diagnostics to NuGet logs, support for AutoReferenced packages and TLS-1.2-only NuGet feeds.
  • Roslyn Analyzers: This release comes with initial support for .ruleset files and stylecop.json settings are now respected.
  • Other features: Generate GUID, “Custom tools”, the Re-run action on the Find Usages tab, and Runtime arguments for Run/Debug Configuration are just some of the new cutting-edge features we have included.

You can download a 30 day trail of Rider here.  Rider 2018.2 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.  If you are an open source developer there are free licenses available, simply fill out the form available here.

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