RiderFlow for Unity by JetBrains

RiderFlow is a new free Unity extension by JetBrains, the creators of IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA and the game development focused Rider. RiderFlow is a free add-on for the Unity game engine available on the Asset Store. It provides several management for Unity developers including:

1. Search everything everywhere
Quickly search throughout your project for anything: GameObjects in scenes, files, and actions in the Unity Editor.

2. Visually understand the scene structure
Use Find usages to learn where the asset is used in scenes, other assets, and prefabs.

3. Find your way through complex scenes
Make it easier to handle complex scenes by grouping objects by color in the Hierarchy panel. Add bookmarks to get back to them later.

4. Effectively manage scenes
Scene view management toolbar is your compass for navigating complex scenes. It provides several tools to manage your scene activities efficiently. There is the search tool that only shows assets that you can use in the scene and allows you to drag assets from your search results directly into it. There is also the camera action tool that saves the current camera position as a preset, assigns a shortcut to it, and helps you switch between presets.

5. Refactor reliably
Replace objects refactoring is a unique RiderFlow feature that allows you to quickly replace one or more objects in a scene and automatically update any references.

6. Dive deeper with the smart editor
RiderFlow comes with a simple editor designed for small, quick changes in your C# script files.

Key Links

RiderFlow Homepage

Unity Store Page


You can learn more about the free RiderFlow for Unity add-on and see it in action in the video below.

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