RizomUV – UV Unwrapping Software

If you have ever wished there was a magic button that would do automatic UV Unwrapping for you, the closest thing you will find is RizomUV. RizomUV is commercial software specifically for creating UVMaps available for Windows, Mac and Linux with a fully functioning trial available.

RizomUV features include:

  • INSTANT UNWRAPS Got a little enthusiastic with your SubD? Made it a little complicated? Need to unfold it? RizomUV doesn’t really care about size. It can flatten + 100K poly models into perfectly flat, non-overlapping maps (almost) in the blink of an eye
  • TIGHT PACKING Our native packer is designed to ensure your islands are packed with minimal waste of space and efficient orientation and scale. And of course, it can pack groups, fill gaps and put shells anywhere else you can think of. 
  • AUTOSEAMS Don’t like cutting seams? Neither do we! That’s why we have several specific algorithms and settings to create the seams for you, so you can cut up anything from a terrain to a mech in seconds, based on the parameters you define. You can even choose only to display proposed cuts, make the cuts, or cut, wrap and pack in one go.
  • UDIMS AND MULTICHANNELS If you need to spread your wings or anything else over multiple tiles or channels, we have you covered – RizomUV offers super easy UDIM and MultiChannel functionality. Define your tiles, and/or define your channels, any which way you like, and save. Boom! Done!
  • BRUSHES In addition to just hitting the Unwrap button, we also give you brush options for fine-tuning your UV maps, complete with radius, pressure and a choice of algorithm options. These come in particularly handy when working with photogrammetry models or heads – and again, save you time by letting you paint, rather than spending ages on finding that perfect cut that will solve all 
  • SUPERSHARP OPTIMISATION If you’re looking for stretch or pinch management, there are Optimisers, and then there’s our Optimiser. Ours is so good; it’s used in the CAD industry to design objects that need micrometre precision. 
  • ADAPTABLE We support Obj and FBX formats, as well as poly/object, material and smoothing groups. Easy to import and export. We offer also offer Lua-scripting – you can see prime examples of these by checking out our community-created Bridges. 

Key Links

RizomUV Homepage

2024 Release Notes

You can learn more about UV (Un)Wrapping and RizomUV in the video below.

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