RoboVM 1.12 Released–Adds Experimental tvOS and iOS 9.2 Support


RoboVM, the technology the enables you to deploy Java based games and applications on iOS just released version 1.12.  The major features of this release are support for iOS 9.2 as well as experemental support for Apple’s new tvOS.  From the announcement:


iOS 9.2 Support

In the meantime, Apple also released iOS 9.2, which comes with a few minor API additions. Check out our API diffsto find out what’s new!

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

As always, we squashed bugs, improved performance and added some bells and whistles. Here are the most important changes:

  • The simulator will be brought to the front when you resume an app during debugging.
  • You can now select on which connected Apple device you want to run your app
  • Added @Availability annotations to all iOS APIs indicating the supported platforms (tvOS or iOS) and versions. In a future release we will emit compiler warnings and/or errors if you use unsupported APIs on a specific platform.
  • Added a setting in IntelliJ IDEA/RoboVM Studio to allow you disabling automatic run-configuration generation on project imports.
  • Updated the default launch images to look even more awesome.
  • Revamped the Eclipse project wizard. You can now select the type of project via the template dropdown. You now also have to explicitely specify a package name.
  • Added bindings to JavaScriptCore.
  • Android application id is no longer hardcoded in templates.
  • Fixed a GC issue when collecting soft/weak references.
  • Fixed a memory leak in IntelliJ IDEA/RoboVM Studio that would slow down the IDE to a crawl.
  • Fixed an issue in the debugger when dynamic proxies are used, e.g. in Retrofit code.
  • Fixed synchronization issues between IntelliJ IDEA/RoboVM Studio and Xcode when adding/removing@IBOutlet and @IBAction fields and methdos.
  • Fixed NetworkInterface#isUp().
  • Improved handling of primitive types in lambda compilation by removing unnecesssary boxing.
  • Made the conservative treeshaker the default if nothing else is specified. Previously, not using the tree shaker was the default.

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