Rogue Engine Hands-On

Rogue Engine is a new 3D game engine available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS using the Typescript programming language. Rogue Engine is currently in Alpha form and is available for download here.

Key features of Rogue Engine include:

Powerful Editor

The Editor provides a flexible and familiar environment that lets you keep control over your Assets. Either Web and Unity3d developers will feel at home.

Component Based

Create custom re-usable components, drop them on your objects and bring them to life.

Meant for the Web

Create your WebGL projects in a Web environment. Use your favourite libraries and Keep control over your build files.

Powerful Asset Manager

Configure your assets to preload or let your components fetch them on demand. Rogue Engine will do the dirty work for you behind the scenes.

Unfortunately Rogue Engine is not open source, although the Space Shooter example shown in the video is open source and available on GitHub. You can see Rogue Engine in action in the video below. If you are interested in Rogue Engine be sure to check out their Discord server.

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