RPG Builder for Unity

As part of the ongoing Unity Fantasy GameDev Bundle on Humble, we are taking a look at key items in the bundle and today we check out RPG Builder. If you are interested in learning about other assets in this bundle be sure to check out our Node Canvas and ODIN Inspector coverage.

RPG Builder provides all of the systems you would need to create an RPG style game, from characters and attributes, to dialogs and quests and does so in a manner that should require minimal to no coding. Most systems are implemented using the RPG Editor, a visual tool for creating quests, items, skills, classes and more. RPG Builder also ships with dozens of common UI elements (inventory, dialogs, crafting, etc), dozens of scripts (NPC Spawning, teleporting, minimap, etc) and is all showcased in a Demo application.

Note to new users, when playing the Demo, be sure to start from the Main Menu scene or some required variables will not be properly configured. Also note that you need to add the RPGBuilderDemo scene to the Build Settings before running.

Key Links:

RPG Builder on the Unity Asset Store

Documentation Homepage

Discord Server

YouTube Tutorials

You can learn more about RPG Builder for Unity and see it in action in the video below. If you decide to purchase the Unity Fantasy GameDev Humble Bundle using this link you can direct a portion of your purchase to support GFS (and thanks so much if you do!)

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