RPG In a Box Game Engine

Today we are revisiting the RPG IN A BOX game engine, which we last checked out all the way back in 2019. RPG In A Box is a complete game engine for creating voxel graphics based RPG games. The “In a Box” moniker refers to the fact that all of the tools you need are included, such as graphics and animation tools, sound effects generation tools and more. It also includes a simple visual scripting interface that should make it easy for beginners or younger developers to get started. The RPG In a Box game engine was built on top of the open source Godot game engine.

RPG In A Box Features include:

Voxel Editor

Build tiles, objects, and characters from 3D pixel blocks (i.e. voxels) and easily animate them with the editor’s frame-based/stop-motion animation system. Importing from MagicaVoxel (.vox) or PNG sprites is also supported.

Map Editor

Create grid-based worlds with the tiles you’ve built, then bring them to life by adding interactive NPCs and objects using the editor’s intuitive navigation and interaction system.


Set up and trigger in-game events with the visual, node-based script editor. Simply drag and drop the desired actions (no programming knowledge required), or manually code “quick scripts” using the custom, Lua-like scripting language.


Write conversations for your NPCs using a visual, flowchart approach similar to that of the script editor. Branching dialogue is supported via player choices and condition checking.

Camera System

Choose from three available camera presets (standard, isometric, and first-person) or tweak the settings to create a custom camera. Stage dynamic cutscenes for your game using the engine’s flexible camera scripting system.

UI Customization

Design one or more dialogue box themes and customize the appearance of many other interface elements such as the inventory, main menu, and credits roll.

Basic Items

Define basic items for the player to find in containers or earn through the completion of tasks. Attach scripts to trigger effects for potions and other consumable items.

Sound FX Generator

Generate fun, retro-style sound effects using the built-in tool based on Dr. Petter’s SFXR.

Key Links

RPGInABox Homempage

Steam Page

Itch.io Page

There is a fairly full functioning demo version and sample projects for checking out RPG In A Box. You can also see it in action in the video below.

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