RPG Maker Unite for Unity Released

RPG Maker Unite was just released for the Unity Game Engine. The newest edition of the long running RPG Maker game engine series is now available as a unity add-on. This move brings several LONG awaited features to the RPG Maker series including full HD support, C# scripting, the ability to target mobile platforms and more. Additionally the release adds several new features to the JRPG game engine, including:

Create RPG Games Without Coding!

  • Through combining preset commands and variables, users can create all types of events commonly found in RPGs without writing a single line of code.

First RPG Maker in the Series to Natively SupportFull HD Resolution!

  • With FHD support, map details such as the colour gradation of stein glasses are now much more pronounced than before. Battle graphics now also have detailed expressions more noticeable to players.

The New “Outline Editor” and “Switch Lines” to Provide Top-Down Project Visualization to Help Project Management

  • The new “Outline Editor” and its cousin “Switch Lines” are assistive-tools that provide a top-down visualization of the connection between major story locations and events for better project management.

New Feature: Large Parts Placement like a Sandbox Game

  • In addition to traditional tilesets, users now have the option to place Large Parts like houses, trees, and castles directly and quickly onto maps.

New Feature “Auto-Guide” to Compute Suggested Stats for Easier Balance Tuning

  • By entering basic parameters such as Maximum Level, Expected Clear Leve, Max EXP, and Max HP, the system can auto-calculate suggested stats for enemy HP, ATK, as well as equipment stats at the click of a button.

Greatly Enhanced Character Animation – Now with Variable Frames

  • RPG Maker Unite no longer has a minimum or maximum number of allowed frames for character animation, given a 1024 x 1024 picture limit. Users are free to set custom animation patterns and frames.

Create Native Smartphone Builds Easily

  • Borrowing Unity Editor’s Build features, the process for making smartphone builds is much easier and smoother in RPG Maker Unite.

A Wealthy Stash of Default Digital Assets for Game Creation

  • RPG Maker Unite contains a great selection of default assets such as audio, characters, enemies, world biomes, and more to help users create games immediately.

Robust and Versatile Pre-Built Database

  • RPG Maker Unite also comes with a pre-made database necessary for creating an RPG, including character stats, classes, items, abilities, monsters etc.. These can be customized at will by the user.

Highly Customizable Through C#

  • RPG Maker Unite features two ways for users to modify and expand its functionalities. One is through “Addon”, which are scripts that do not modify the engine’s source code and can be turned on and off through the built-in Addon Manager. The other is to modify the source code directly using the Unity Editor. Users can choose which method they want depending on purpose and programming knowledge level.

Key Links

RPG Maker Unite on the Unity Asset Store [Affiliate Link]

RPG Maker Unite on Steam [Coming 2023?]

RPG Maker Unite Homepage

You can learn more about the RPG Maker Unite release for the Unity game engine in the video below. I hope to get a product key shortly for a more in-depth product review in the future.

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