RPGMaker MZ Released

The newest version in the long running RPGMaker was just released, RPGMaker MZ. So what are the highlight features in this release include:

Map Editor:

  • reintroduced the map layer function that was used previously up until RPG Maker XP
  • included a function that determines layers automatically, so you can still manipulate maps in the same manner as RPG Maker MV
  • map trees can be rearranged
  • improved image save function

Character Creator:

  • adjust character component positioning
  • add your own colour palettes for hair, clothing and more

Game Assets:

  • new types of character resources and full-body drawings
  • new animation resources
  • new character resources


  • new battle system added with time-based battles


  • more powerful and extensive event commands
  • preview added for movement route settings



  • can now select plug-in name and command names in pulldown menu
  • improved plugin management

There is a timed limited demo available on the RPGMaker website for the Windows platform. You can learn more about RPGMaker MZ in the video below.

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