Rust Extension For Godot 4

Godot 4 game developers that wish to use the Rust programming language rejoice, a new GDExtension adding Rust language support has been released. Through the previous GDNative system Godot 3.x could support several programming languages. With Godot 4, they have moved to the GDExtension system which should make adding additional language support easier in the future.

Details of the Rust GDExtension for Godot 4:

This is an early-stage library to bind the Rust language to Godot 4.

Godot is an open-source game engine, whose upcoming version 4.0 brings several improvements. Its GDExtension API allows integrating third-party languages and libraries.

Note: if you are looking for a Rust binding for GDNative (Godot 3), checkout gdnative.

Warning: this library is experimental and rapidly evolving. In particular, this means:

  • Lots of bugs. A lot of the scaffolding is still being ironed out. There are known safety issues, possible undefined behavior as well as other potential problems.
  • Lots of missing features. The priority is to get basic interactions working; as such, edge case APIs are deliberately neglected at this stage.
  • No stability guarantees. APIs will break frequently (for releases, we try to take SemVer seriously though). Resolving the above two points has currently more weight than a stable API.

So we do not recommend building a larger project in GDExtension-Rust yet. However, the library can serve as a playground for experimenting.

Key Links

Rust GDExtension GitHub

Godot-Rust for Godot 3.x

You can learn more about the new GDExtension adding Rust programming support to the Godot 4 game engine in the video below.

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