Rust Game Engine Bevy Released 0.9

The first release since the 0.8 release in August, Bevy 0.9 brings several improvements to the Rust powered open source game frameworks.

Highlights of the Bevy 0.9 release include:

  • HDR Post Processing, Tonemapping, and Bloom: Bevy has a new HDR post processing and tonemapping pipeline, which we used to implement the “bloom” post processing effect!
  • FXAA: Fast approximate anti-aliasing was added, which gives users a new cheap option for screen space anti-aliasing.
  • Deband Dithering: Hide gradient precision errors with this new post processing effect!
  • Other Post Processing Improvements: View target double buffering and automatic render target format handling.
  • New Scene Format: Bevy’s new scene format is smaller, simpler to compose manually, and easier to read. Comes in both “human readable” and “binary” variants!
  • Code Driven Scene Construction: Build scenes dynamically from an existing app using queries and specific entity references.
  • Improved Entity/Component APIs: Spawning entities with components is now simpler and more ergonomic than ever!
  • Exclusive System Rework: Exclusive systems (systems with unique ECS World access) are now just “normal” systems with significantly improved usability.
  • Enum Reflection: Bevy Reflect can now reflect enum types, which exposes them to Bevy’s scene system and opens doors to editor tooling for enums.
  • Time Shader Globals: Time is now passed to shaders as a global, making time-driven animation in custom shaders easy!
  • Plugin Settings: Plugins can now have settings, which can be overridden in plugin groups, simplifying the plugin configuration story.
  • Bevy UI Z-Indices: Control how UI elements stack on top of each other using local and global z-indices

Key Links

Bevy Homepage

Release Notes 0.9

GitHub Repository

Bevy Discord

You can learn more about the Bevy 0.9 release in the video below.

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