Rust Powered Bevy Game Engine Release 0.14

The Rust powered open source 2D/3D ECS based game engine Bevy just released Bevy 0.14. This release comes a nearly five months since Bevy 0.13 and contains hundreds of changes and improvements. Highlights of the Bevy 0.14 release include:

  • Virtual Geometry: Preprocess meshes into “meshlets”, enabling efficient rendering of huge amounts of geometry
  • Sharp Screen Space Reflections: Approximate real time raymarched screen space reflections
  • Depth of Field: Cause objects at specific depths to go “out of focus”, mimicking the behavior of physical lenses
  • Per-Object Motion Blur: Blur objects moving fast relative to the camera
  • Volumetric Fog / Lighting: Simulates fog in 3d space, enabling lights to produce beautiful “god rays”
  • Filmic Color Grading: Fine tune tonemapping in your game with a complete set of filmic color grading tools
  • PBR Anisotropy: Improve rendering of surfaces whose roughness varies along the tangent and bitangent directions of a mesh, such as brushed metal and hair
  • Auto Exposure: Configure cameras to dynamically adjust their exposure based on what they are looking at
  • PCF for Point Lights: Smooth out point light shadows, improving their quality
  • Animation blending: Our new low-level animation graph adds support for animation blending, and sets the stage for first- and third-party graphical, asset-driven animation tools.
  • ECS Observers and Hooks: Automatically (and immediately) respond to arbitrary events, such as component addition and removal
  • Better colors: type-safe colors make it clear which color space you’re operating in, and offer an awesome array of useful methods.
  • Computed states and substates: Modeling complex app state is a breeze with these type-safe extensions to our States abstraction.
  • Rounded corners: Rounding off one of bevy_ui‘s roughest edges, you can now procedurally set the corner radius on your UI elements.

Key Links

Bevy Homepage

Bevy 0.14 Release Notes

Bevy Discord Server

You can learn more about the Bevy 0.14 release in the video below.

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