Safari to Go Mobile App release: Finally on Android

For those of you that are regular readers of this site, you have probably noticed I am a big fan of Safari Books Online, a subscription based book service.  They released a iOS application a year or so back and it was … lacking.  Android subscribers though were left completely in the dark.  There was ( and is ) a mobile version of the site, but unfortunately it did a horrible job with code examples, which was a pretty big deal.  So, having the mobile app on Android is very nice.


It was only just released and I’ve had a small amount of experience with it, and I will say it is vastly improved.  I just wish they would cache books ahead a bit more, as if you flip more than 2 pages you get an annoying “Loading content” display.  The big feature though with the Safari to Go app is the ability to take up to 3 books offline with you.  I have yet to try this feature, but it may remove the annoying loading messages!


All told though, it looks like a solid release.


I did encounter one oddity though, I couldn’t find it on Google Play.  I had to go the website here, login and then download it.


So, if you are a Safari subscriber, be sure to check it out.  If you aren’t, it really is worth looking in to.  If you cannot find it on the store on your device, be sure to try the direct link above.


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