Samsung and Unity Launch Made For Samsung Promotion


One of the biggest challenges that app developers face these days is discoverability.  You can spend all the time and money in the world developing the next great game, but if nobody finds it, nobody will play it.  This new program is aimed at promoting Unity developed games on Samsung’s store.  The catch… your application must be made with Unity and you must agree to at least 90 days of exclusivity with Samsung.


So, what does this exclusivity buy you?

  • 4 weeks of banner promotion in the Galaxy Apps stores in US and Canada, targeting 30K installs/month (this is an average and not guaranteed)
  • Collapse within the Top Games category after 4 weeks, continued banner promotion possible based on performance
  • Push notification issued to the Galaxy Apps user base during the exclusivity period
  • Galaxy Gifts carousel inclusion for the duration of the exclusivity
  • Social networks, Samsung Developers website and newsletter promotion
  • Trade show presence


If they hit that 30K average installs, it certainly could be a worthwhile program for many.  I am not sure how far their reach actually is.  My personal phone is a Galaxy S6 and I’ve gone to the Samsung store exactly… never.  Perhaps I am the exception, but I don’t think I am.


You can read more about the program here.

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