Script Inspector 3 Hands-On

Unity are currently running their Mega Bundle X, a bundle of assets to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Unity Asset Store. One of the standout assets on the bundle is Script Inspector 3, an asset that once you’ve used it you wonder why this functionality isn’t included in Unity out of the box.

In a nutshell Script Inspector 3 adds C# code editing directly to Unity. No more going to another text editor or IDE to create or edit your game code. It is a full featured code editor too, with multiple themes and fonts installed, full intellisense support, fast compilation, error handling and more.

In the video below we go hands-on with Script Inspector 3, showcasing how to install and use this add-on and how it makes code editing so much more pleasant. In the video we also look at the water simulation system Suimono and the Top Down Asset Pack, two other assets in the Mega Bundle X sale. The above links contain affiliate codes that pay GFS a small commission if used to purchase the bundle (and thanks if you do!)

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