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Kenney of fame has released another tool, Ship Mixer. ShipMixer is a browser based application that enables you to quickly kit bash together SHMUP style jets and airplanes by mixing and matching different shapes of different colours. There is also Creature Mixer, we did a video on when it was first released, which is used to create platformer style sprites.

Both Ship Mixer and Creature Mixer are free to use for free and commercial projects, with one major caveat, NFTs. You cannot use either tool for creating NFTs, also known as Non-Fungable Tokens. Directly from the license:

Creations made using this software and art featured in this software can be used in personal, educational and commercial projects of any kind, strictly excluding those relating to or containing non-fungible tokens (so-called “NFT”) or blockchain (related) projects. Giving attribution and making a donation is greatly appreciated, but not mandatory.

Both tools run in your browser and are hosted on

Key Links

Ship Mixer

Creature Mixer Homepage

You can check out Ship Mixer and the recently updated Creature Mixer in action in the video below.

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