Shiro’s Game Technology Stack

Shiro Games, the developers behind such games as Evoland, Northgard, and Darksburg, just posted a blog post on the technology they use to develop their game.

The primary parts of the development stack include:

The Haxe Language

Haxe is a cross platform open source programming language with a high-level strictly typed language capable of being compatible to multiple languages or runtimes.


A cross platform open source high performance 2D and 3D game engine.  We did a three-part tutorial series, getting started, 2D graphics and animation and sprite sheets.


A high performance open source game focused virtual machine for Haxe.


The confusingly named Haxe IDE is essentially a full blown level editor capable of creating 2D and 3D games.


A game focused database engine with a built in tilemap editor.  You can learn more about the CastleDB here.

Combined together you get a complete, battletested and production ready game engine with several high quality shipped titles under its belt.  You can learn more about the entire technology stack in the video below.

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