SHMUP Creator Launched on Steam

SHMUP Creator is a new engine for creating Shoot’Em’Up style games that launched today on Steam. It enables you to create vertical and side scrolling shoot em up style games without requiring any coding experience. SHMUP Creator is available on Windows and can generate sharable executables for that platform (only at this point).

SHMUP Creator is described as:

SHMUP Creator allows you to create and build your own shoot ’em up. This tool is easy to use and powerful enough for more experienced users. Thanks to the included assets you can start right away to have fun!

  • Test your game anytime with the simple press of a button  
  • Create 2D and 3D games
  • Vertical, horizontal, or multi-directional levels
  • Free assets included: 3D models, sprites, sounds, music
  • Import your own sprites, 3D objects, and sounds
  • Optimized bullet engine: lasers, bullet patterns
  • Explosion editor
  • Customize everything with the mouse: no code, no scripts
  • Editors: gameplay, explosions, menu, HUD, level, enemies…
  • Gameplay: scoring systems, gauges, chaining, medals, smart bombs, power-ups…Export your game as a stand-alone executable on Windows

Key Links

SHMUP Creator on Steam

You can learn more about SHMUP Creator and see it in action in the video below.

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