Silo 3D 2.0 for 47.99$ on Steam

So I fired up Steam today and lo and behold, what’s under the new release section?


Silo 2.



Silo 3D graphics


If you’ve ever read the GameFromScratch list of 3D Applications  you will see I am a fan of Silo.  It’s mostly a 3D modeller, its very good and previously used to be 200$.  Now a gigantic word of warning, Silo has been pretty much abandoned, with no new updates for years.  This is unfortunate, because it was a great product at a great price.  Even abandoned, for 50$ it’s still awfully tempting, if you want a modeller on the cheap… it’s a lot like Modo with a fraction of the price tag.


Maybe the Steam sale will encourage them to put some more effort into developing Silo again.


If you are interested, there is a 30 day trial available.

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