SpeedTree 9 Released

IDV, which was recently acquired by Unity Technologies, just released SpeedTree 9. SpeedTree is a popular piece of game development middleware used to create forests and foliage for many popular AAA games. The SpeedTree 9 release adds new features such as Photogrammetry support (learn more about using Photogrammetry for game development here) and new freehand creation tools.

Details from the SpeedTree 9 release announcement:

Photogrammetry Conversion

Convert photogrammetry scans into procedural models with the Mesh Converter, a new SpeedTree generator. Transform a scanned asset’s unique, photoreal details into efficient SpeedTree geometry, then use procedural tools to make endless edits and variations.

Freehand Creation

Craft an epic hero tree or fine-tune a collection of assets with Freehand Mode, designed to put artists in control. Hand-draw models, bend branches, sculpt key details, and edit down to a single vertex with an intuitive, visual toolset. Use Freehand Mode in concert with procedural generators to make custom edits and discover your own ideal workflow.

Models for Every Biome

Get started with dynamic models built for every biome. Browse a library of plants with infinite potential, PBR textures, built-in seasonal variations, and customizable wind settings.

SpeedTree is available for Linux, Mac and Windows and works with a variety of game engines and DCC tools. There is a free learning edition available for organizations that made less than $1M last year. You can learn more about SpeedTree and see it in action in the video below. If you are interested in learning more you can check out the SpeedTree discord server here.

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