Spine 4 Released

Spine 4 was just released by Esoteric Software. Spine is a powerful tool we have covered several times on GameFromScratch, including this now several years old Hands-On guide. The version 4 release brings several new features including:

  • a complete reworking of graphs enabling your to see all keys at once, not just two
  • a new favor tool, enabling you to blend between different poses easily
  • ability to animate axis separately
  • improved graphics and colour profile support
  • performance improvements including a move to 64bit
  • support for over 360 degree animations
  • new launcher
  • misc. polish and features

You can read more about the release here. Of interest to Godot game developers, it seems in the next release of Spine, there will be Godot runtime support:

We’ve completely revised Spine’s foundation: the Spine launcher. It looks cool, starts faster, and uses our new server/CDN infrastructure to download updates. Plus you can now choose the major.minor version you want, such as 4.0, and it will automatically give you the latest compatible version.

You can learn more about the Spine 4 release and see it in action in the video below.

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