Spine Runtime for Unreal Engine Released


Esoteric Software, the makers of the 2D animation package Spine, have just released a runtime for Unreal Engine.  This runtime will enable you to use Spine authored content directly in Spine, via both Blueprint and C++.  If you have never heard of Spine, be sure to check out our hands on introduction available here (and the video embedded below).


From the announcement blog:

We are happy to announce the release of our brand new Spine Runtime for Unreal Engine 4!

The spine-ue4 runtime is based on spine-c and exposes the entire API through both Blueprint nodes as well as C++ components you can easily add to your game objects. Check out the extensive spine-ue4 documentation to get started and try out the sample project.


The spine-ue4 runtime is our newest member in the Spine Runtime family. While we did our best to make it as bug free as possible, there’s always a chance you run into an issue with your specific project. Please report any bugs you find on our issue tracker.

Note that spine-ue4 requires Unreal Engine 4.15+!


For more information on Spine be sure to watch the video below!

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