SpookyGhost Procedural Animation Tool

SpookyGhost is a cross platform procedural animation tool made using the nCine 2D C++ game engine and the ImGui UI framework. SpookyGhost was recently released as free and open source under the MIT source license with the source hosted on GitHub. SpookyGhost enables you to easily create 2D animations using procedural controllers as well as your own custom written Lua script, and export them as sprite frames or game ready spritesheets.

Features of SpookyGhost include:

  • Load and save project files to continue working later
  • Lua scripting API for custom animations
  • Parallel or sequential animation groups for complex interactions
  • Parent-child relations between sprites for advanced transformations
  • Unlimited canvas size with custom background color
  • Tuneable shift, scale, speed and delay for animations
  • Multiple easing curves and loop modes
  • Drag’n’drop and contextual menus for lists of objects
  • Export frames as single images or as a spritesheet
  • Separate RGB and alpha channel blending modes
  • Use the mouse to set an anchor point for deformations
  • Native versions for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android
  • Coded in C++ for maximum performance and efficient memory use
  • HTML documentation accessible by pressing the F1 key

Spooky Ghost is available for download on Itch.io. You can learn more about SpookyGhost and see it in action in the video below.

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