Spring RTS Engine 101 RC 2 & 3


The Spring Engine has seen a pair of release candidates in the last week, RC 2 and RC 3 of version 101. 

Spring is a versatile 3D RTS game engine. Using extensively Lua for scripting game-specific code to make nearly every aspect of the engine customizable, from GUI, to unit AI, to pathfinding.

In terms of the recent release candidates, the contained the following.

Release Candidate 2

  • Ground decals offsets and issues
  • Unit reflections glitches
  • SetCameraState graphical glitch
  • Failed shader validation in ATI
  • No lighting when advunitshading is off
  • Activated/deactivated callin spam when non-fighter plane is guarding
  • Hovercrafts failing to land
  • Unitscript callin StopMoving() called twice for planes

Release Candidate 3

  • Various gunships/plane landing/vibrating bugs
  • Custom commands with queue=false partially clear the queue
  • Refractive water doesn’t show submerged things with dual screen minimap on Left
  • LuaUI crash on GetConfigData error
  • Flickering with shadows off and /water 4
  • Line build shows differrent positions than ones that are actually issued in commands.

Spring can be downloaded here.

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