SPUM — Animated Sprite Character Creator For Unity

SPUM is a Unity powered 2D sprite character creator that is currently featured in the Handpicked Deals Mega Bundle(Learn More Here). SPUM enables you to quickly create animated game ready sprites by selecting a base body type, then choosing eyes, hair, weapons, clothing, etc. or via random selection. Once done, you object is created as a Unity prefab that is ready to go in your project of choice. There is also an experimental tool for creating spritesheets of your animated character so they can be used in other tools or game engines as well.

If you are not interested in picking up the Bundle, there is also a free version available on the SPUM GitHub page, although the limitations of the free license are beyond me, as I cannot actually located the free license.

SPUM also enables you to add your own character sprites and pieces, or you can buy addition packs available from the author ( for 5-6$ each ), with those packs being:

If you like the idea of SPUM, but do not want to work with Unity, you should also check out the Universal Sprite Sheet Character Creator which performs similarly, as well as the Liberate Pixel Cup assets which could be added to SPUM. If you have any comments or questions about SPUM, there is a Discord Server available here.

You can check out the SPUM Animated Character Creator for Unity in action in the video below. The above links contain an affiliate code that pay GFS a small commission if used (and thanks if you do!).

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