Storm Engine Open Sourced

Storm Engine, the game engine behind the Sea Dogs and Pirates of the Caribbean games, was just open sourced under the GPLv3 source license. This is the source code for the game engine alone, and does not include the source code for the game. This release is primarily intended to support the modding community, but could prove an interesting reference for aspiring game engine creators. The developers announced the source code release over on Steam:

We are pleased to share the news that we have received permission from the copyright holder to open the source code of Storm Engine.

We believe that this will help us make Sea Dogs better and we urge everyone with programming experience to join the work on the engine legally.

You can find the source code here:

Also, we wanted to thank everyone who participates in 1.7.3 Beta – the biggest patch we ever released!
If you want to join – take a look at the very impressive changelog and details right here.

As mentioned above, the source code is available on GitHub. The developers also have a Discord server available here. The initial goals now that the source is open include:

  • Replace a custom math library by a third-party one, e.g. glm.
  • Replace custom rendering code with a bgfx library.
  • Replace custom input handling code with a third-party library, e.g. gainput.
  • Replace custom data structures by C++ standard types.

You can learn more about Storm Engine being open sourced in the video below.

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