Substance Painter 2.1 Released


Substance Painter is an extremely popular PBR (Physically Based Renderer) texturing tool, now integrated into just about every single modern game engine.  They just released Substance Painter 2.1 with a host of new features including:

  • Linux Support
  • Support for 4K displays
  • Support for 8K texture map export
  • ability to import UDIM based assets

Plus several smaller additions and changes including:


– [UDIM] Import UDIM Tiles from a mesh as Texture Sets

– [Linux] Added support for CentOS 6.6 and Ubuntu 12.4

– [Export] Add 8K resolution (experimental)

– [Export] Allow to choose the bit depth during the export

– [Baker] Allow to bake multiple texture sets at once

– Support high resolution monitors (High DPI scaling)

– [Scripting] Set custom resolution and padding per texture at export

– [Viewport] Allow to switch between texture set by clicking on the mesh (via Ctrl+Alt+Click)

– [Viewport] Go where the mouse cursor is when zooming with the mouse wheel

– [UI] Update default background color and environment map display

– [UI] Add tooltips with original names for User channels

– [UI] Change background color for channels that can’t be renamed

– [Tool] Remove checkers when using the quick mask

– [Shader] Allow to define groups for shader parameters and materials/masks

– [Engine] Optimization of small size stamping

– [Stencil] Add “W” as shortcut to temporarily toggle the mask

– [Shelf] Add a cross button to clear the search field

– [Shelf] Load Alpha with a single click

– [Shelf] New export preset : Vray UDIM, Arnold UDIM, Spec/Gloss from Metal/Rough

– [Shelf] New alphas : geometric shapes, veins and signs

– Add name and version in the properties of Substance Painter executable


– [Substance] Impossible to use the normal channel and additional map at the same time

– [Iray] MDL refraction and absorption setting don’t work

– [Iray] Original scene scale is not preserved

– [Shelf] Specular/Glossiness template use an incorrect shader

– [Export] Default export preset doesn’t export some maps (like AO)

– [Viewport] Pivot point doesn’t update when clicking outside the UVs in the 2D View

– [UI] Slider values are rounded

– [UI] Sometimes when editing sliders values there is a very small free space

– [New Project] Template dropdown list is not correctly updated (from 1.x to 2.x)

– [Scripting] Fixed “hover” behavior on custom buttons

– [Mac] Undoing on an empty project locks the camera

Known Issues:

– Crash report is not available on Ubuntu


You can see a walkthrough of new features in this video: