Substance Painter 2.4 Released


Substance Painter 2.4 has just been released.  Substance Painter is a popular Physically Based Renderer (PBR) texturing application.  This release brings a redesigned shelf which is now highly customizable.  Other updates include:

Advanced Filtering
It is now possible to filter, search and sort through assets by using a combination of folders, usages and keywords. Assets can be easily filtered by shelf as well and searches can span through multiple shelf locations at once.

New Import Dialog
The import process has been rebuilt from the ground up to allow to easily import and arrange multiple assets in a shelf or project at once. Assets copied manually in the shelf will also appear in real-time in Substance Painter without the need to restart the tool.

Bonus: New Particle Presets
We’ve added 4 new particle presets (Electric Circuit, Electric Lines, Rococo and Veins Small) that can be modified to create all sorts of interesting patterns and tweaked some of the existing ones to improve their default behavior. Let us know what you think!


More details from the release notes:

  • [Shelf] New interface to browse resources (tree-view, filters and so on)
  • [Shelf] Allow to save a search as a preset
  • [Shelf] Allow to create a new window from a preset
  • [Shelf] New interface for importing resources
  • [Shelf] Don’t copy default allegorithmic shelf in Documents folder
  • [Shelf] New particles presets : Electric Circuit, Electric Lines, Rococo, Veins Small
  • [Shelf] Improved older particles presets to be more easy to use (like “Rain”)
  • [Shelf] Add new information on resource contextual menu
  • [Viewport] Improve performance when loading environment maps
  • [Viewport] Add support of environment maps that are not power of two

Fixed :

  • Crash when removing a mask
  • Crash when painting after saving a preset
  • Crash with environment blur on some GPUs
  • Crash when assigning a wrong resource with the mini shelf
  • [Shelf] Clean + Save remove tags and metadata for resources in the project
  • [Shelf] importing a preset will display its resources in the shelf
  • [Export] Normal map generated from height channel has a low intensity
  • [Export] Normal from mesh is not always present in final normal map
  • [Export] Dilation with transparency can sometimes result with no transparency
  • [Scripting] “alg.plugin_root_directory” can returns a truncated network path
  • [TextureSet] Lock button is enabled when re-opening non-square projects


You can see the new shelf in action in the video below:

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