Substance Painter 2017.4.2 Released

Substance Painter, the popular Physically based renderer (PBR) texturing application, just released update 2017.4.2.  If you are interested in learning more about Substance Painter, be sure to check out our feature of an earlier release of Substance Painter as part of the GameDev Toolbox series.

Details from the release notes:


  • [Export] Get the status of an export with step progress
  • [Export] Allow cancelling an export
  • [Export] Export textures to Sketchfab without loosing normal map quality
  • [Export] Export in glTF binary format (glb)
  • [Export] Allow resizing columns in configuration tab of the export window
  • [Shader] Add a changelog for the shader API
  • [Scripting] Add Before and After callback functions when exporting textures
  • [Iray] Upgrade to SDK 2017.1 (support of Volta GPUs)


  • Crash when quitting the application before the main window is displayed
  • [MAC] Crash when loading grayscale maps with IRAY
  • [MAC] VRAM detection is not correct with the new High Sierra OS
  • [Plugin] Downloading assets from Substance Source does not work anymore
  • [Scripting] Incorrect minimum plugin version detection
  • [Export] Fail to save export preset after exporting textures
  • [Instancing] Issue on generators instantiated in a TextureSet with no Additional Maps
  • [Viewport] Dithering does not work with resolution above 4k
  • [Viewport] 2D View material display is covered with noise
  • [Shelf] Improve loading time for shelf presets
  • [Engine] Incorrect blending when painting under color selection

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