SuperPowers Engine Release version 2


Superpowers is a HTML5 based 2D/3D game engine which just announced the release of version 2.    There wasn’t a massive shift from earlier releases, the simply changed their release numbering system, so don’t expect massive changes in this release.  I actually did a tutorial series on using Superpowers, but stopped development when the engine seemingly stopped receiving updates.  It’s nice to see that it hasn’t been abandoned.  In fact there was a release back in July that I missed completely.


This release is actually spread across the various components that make up Superpowers, so there are 5 different sets of release notes.


Superpowers (Tooling):

  • Upgraded to Electron v1.3.1
  • Build with latest version of Node.js on Travis
  • Fixed error message when settings could not be loaded
  • Fixed crash if the app exits before the main window was created
  • Fixed game system installation being skipped when dismissing the welcome dialog
  • Added support for customizing server name in settings
  • Use Electron-provided user data paths rather than our own custom logic
  • Improved Italian locale #42 (thanks @marcosecchi)
  • Added German locale #45 (thanks @Wend1go)
  • Added link to Sparklin Labs’ free assets on home sidebar
  • Fixed offline mode
  • Added tray balloon on Windows when closing the app, see #37
  • IRC chat now displays user modes (operator @, voiced +) in a channel’s sidebar


Superpowers (Core Library):

  • Updated Russian locale #142 (thanks @passazhir)
  • Added Italian locale #138, #146 (thanks @marcosecchi)
  • Build with latest Node.js on Travis again 2eeb775
  • Fixed crash when moving a folder and cleaned up some related code
  • Prevented creating a project when no system is installed, #148 (thanks @Pangoraw)
  • Added support for setting a serverName in config.json, displayed on hub & connection screen
  • Removed support for deprecated port property in config.json
  • Handle errors when downloading the registry

Superpowers (Game):



  • We don’t check for collisions when either of the two bodies are disabled #131 (thanks@MathieuLoutre)
  • Added bounce property #69 (thanks @gmg)

Superpowers (Love/Lua):

  • Added status pane with Save button in Lua script editor
  • Added Italian locale #8 (thanks @marcosecchi)
  • Added German locale #9 (thanks @Wend1go)

Superpowers (Web):

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