Tilesetter Tilemap and Tileset generation software review

Tilesetter 2.0 Hands-On

Tilesetter is a cross platform (Windows, Linux and Mac) tool for generating tiles and tile based maps that can easily be exported to game engines including Unity, Godot, Defold and GameMaker 2. The biggest power of Tilesetter is it makes it incredibly easy to create auto-tile tilesets such as Wang tiles.

TileKit Map Editor


Tiletkit is a new tile based map editor available for Windows and Linux.  The key feature of Tilekit is a rules based pattern driven map editing, define your tiles and rules and the map editor takes care of the rest.Features:Unique pattern-based-rule autotiling system Map export to JSON Code-export of final ruleset to C or Lua […]

SpryTile Map Editor For Blender

Sprytile Now Available For Blender 2.8x

Sprytile is a free tile map editor that runs entirely inside Blender, similar in functionality to the recently covered Crocotile 3D.  Over the weekend, Sprytile for the most current Blender 2.8x versions was just released. Details from the Sprytile Itch.io page:Sorry for the long long long delay, but finally the official release of Sprytile for […]

Pico-8 Fantasy Console Hands-On

PICO-8 Fantasy Console

PICO-8 is perhaps the most popular of the fantasy consoles and if you are extremely quick, you can pick it up as part of the Itch.io Racial Justice bundle along with a ton of other development tools and indie games.  PICO-8 is described as:PICO-8 is a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games […]

Dragon Ruby Hands-On

DragonRuby Game Framework

DragonRuby is a game development framework powered by the Ruby programming language.  It is lightweight and crossplatform with an easy to learn API.  It is regularly $47USD, however it is currently included in the Bundle For Racial Justice currently running on Itch.io, along with hundreds of games for just $5.Key features of DragonRuby include:Dirt simple […]

Optikon Lua/Love Level Editor

Optikon Love2D Level Editor

Optikon is a free Windows based ( Mac and Linux can run via Wine ) level editor that takes a WYSIWYG approach to creating game levels using the Lua powered Love game framework.Details of Optikon from the website:Drag and Drop Level DesignOptikon is a simple drag-and-drop level designer which makes stunning 2D level design in […]

ENVE Animation Software

ENVE–2D Animation Software

ENVE, or Enve is Not a Video Editor, is a new in development 2D animation software, completely free and open source.  Even in this early state, Enve is remarkably capable animation tool, with a full suite of drawing tools for both vector and result art, including MyPaint brush integration.ENVE is described as:Enve is a new […]

Pose Animator

Pose Animator

Pose Animator is a free and open source implementation showcasing how you can animated an SVG avatar using either webcam driven face and bone data, or from analyzing a static image.  On the GitHub repository, Pose Animator is described accordingly:Pose Animator takes a 2D vector illustration and animates its containing curves in real-time based on […]

Inkscape 1.0 Released

First launched in 2003, the open source cross platform vector graphics application Inkscape just hit the major 1.0 milestone!  Inkscape is open source with the source code available on GitLab.  Details of the release from the Inkscape news page:After a little over three years in development, the team is excited to launch the long awaited […]

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