GameDev For Complete Beginners Tutorial Series

  This is the homepage for a video based tutorial series hosted on YouTube that aims to teach game development from the very beginning using the Lua programming language and the Love game engine.  The series requires no prior programming knowledge to begin.  It begins by teaching the Lua programming language, then dives into using […]

Tiled Map Editor Tutorial Series

  Tiled is a popular open source map editor for creating 2D maps using tiled graphics.  I have used Tiled in several previous tutorials and no doubt will be using Tiled in several future series, so instead of covering it partially over and over again, I decided to do a Tiled video tutorial series that […]

SFML Tutorial Banner

SFML C++ Tutorial–Sprites and Textures

  In the previous tutorial we covered the basics of using graphics in SFML.  Chances are however your game isn’t going to be composed of simple shapes, but instead made up of many sprites.  That is exactly what we are going to cover today.   As always, there is an HD version of this tutorial […]

SFML Tutorial Banner

SFML C++ Tutorial–Spritesheets and Animation

  In the previous tutorial we look at the process of using sprites in SFML.  Today we are going to look instead at using a sprite sheet or texture atlas.  The process is very similar to working with a normal sprite, except that you have multiple sprites on a single texture.  Loading and swapping textures […]

SFML Tutorial Banner

SFML C++ Tutorial–Basic Graphics

  In the previous tutorials we covered configuration, game loop and finally keyboard handling.  Today we are going to move on to the basics of graphics programming in SFML.  We are going to start with simple geographic primitives, then in the following tutorial we will move on to sprites.  You will notice right away that […]

MonoGame Tutorial Series

  This tutorial series covers all aspects of using the open source and cross platform MonoGame framework, the spiritual successor to the XNA game library.  We will be covering all facets of game development using MonoGame. This tutorial is available in both text and video tutorial format. Additionally it is available as an e-book for […]

Unreal Engine 2D Game Development Tutorial Series

  This tutorial series covers all aspects of creating a 2D game using Unreal Engine.  It is my intention to eventually create an identical series covering Unity, so people can directly compare the workflow of both game engines.  This series is in both text and video form.  All coding is done using Blueprints although I […]

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