ArtBreeder Machine Learning Based GAN Art Tool

Artbreeder — Amazing Machine Learning Based Art Creation Tool

Today we are checking out Artbreeder, a machine learning (GAN – Generational Adversarial Network) based art creation tool. Using Artbreeder you can rapidly create portraits, landscapes, characters and more using sampled (or uploaded) existing art, a series of “genes” as well as crossbreeding with other source images or art styles. …

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BForArtists 2.70 released

BForArtists 2.70 Released

BForArtist is fork of the popular open source Blender graphics application, aiming to add a more consistent and easier to learn UI as well as offering improved documentation. BForArtists has been under development for several years, we first featured it back in 2017 here on GameFromScratch. BForArtists just released version …

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GIMP 2.99.2 Beta Released

GIMP 2.99.2 Released

GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program, just released version 2.99.2 beta, a giant step toward the upcoming 3.0 release. The heart of this update is the move to the GTK 3 UI toolkit from the existing GTK2 version. This has many advantages, especially when it comes to increasingly common HiDPI …

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Nomad Sculpt Sculping Application for MObile Review

Nomad Sculpt

If you’ve ever dreamed of doing 3D modelling on the go, today’s product Nomad Sculpt may be perfect for you. Nomad Sculpt is a 3D sculpting application designed from the ground up to be mobile first. It brings all the functionality you would expect from a modern 3D sculpting application …

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Corel Particle Shop Hands-On Review

ParticleShop Hands-On

ParticleShop is one of the applications that is featured in the current Be A Creative SuperHero Bundle currently running on Humble. This bundle is a collection of graphical applications and add-ons from Corel. Today we are taking a hands-on look at ParticleShop, a PhotoShop plugin (also compatible with PaintShop Pro …

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