FamiStudio NES Style Audio DAW

FamiStudio–NES Style Music Editor

Today we are checking out FamiStudio, a lighter weight alternative to programs like FamiTracker, that make it easy to create 8bit style musical scores.  Features of FamiStudio include:Modern DAW-style UI with sequencer and piano roll, no hexadecimal anywhere Instrument & Envelope edition NSF import Full Undo/Redo support Copy & Paste support Note drag & drop […]

AudioMass Web Based Audio Editor

AudioMass Web Based Audio Editor

AudioMass is an open source browser based audio editor in the same vein as Audacity, designed to run in the browser but to not behave like a typical web applications.Features of AudioMass include:Loading Audio, navigating the waveform, zoom and pan Visualization of frequency levels Peak and distortion signaling Cutting/Pasting/Trimming parts of the audio Inverting and […]

Humble Big Music Pack

Big Music Humble Bundle

There is a new Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, this one is a collection of audio tracks and music loops.  Called the Big Music for Games, Film and Content Creators bundle, it is a collection of zip files containing WAV soundtracks for use in your game or film project.  As with all Humble […]

Reaper DAW Review

Reaper DAW Hands-On

Following hot on the heels of our LMMS overview we continue our journey into the world of Digital Audio Workstations with the highly recommended Reaper.Key Reaper features:Efficient, fast to load, and tightly coded. Can be installed and run from a portable or network drive. Powerful audio and MIDI routing with multichannel support throughout. 64-bit internal […]

Humble Music Producer Bundle

Humble Music Producer Bundle

Humble have just released a bundle targeted as musicians.  The Humble Music Producer Bundle is a collection of sound banks and VSTs.  As with all Humble Bundles it is organized into tiers:1$ TierAngelicalsFrontierAAS Player (Note, this is available free)15$ TierAnalog EssentialsUltraFXKitnetixJourneys20$ TierStrum SessionsLounge Lizard SessionsUltra Analog SessionThis bundle gives you a key that you redeem […]

Hands On with Google Resonance Audio

Google just open sourced Resonance Audio, their 3D spatial audio rendering SDK.  It supports multiple platforms and game engines including Unreal, Unity, wWise, FMod, iOS, Android and Web.  You can learn more about Resonance Audio here, while the source is hosted on Github under the liberal Apache 2 source license.  Resonance enables you to create […]

MonoGame Tutorial: Audio

  In this chapter we are going to look at using audio in XNA.  Originally XNA supported one way of playing audio, using XACT (Cross Platform Audio Creation Tool ).  Since the initial release they added a much simplified API.  We will be taking a look at both processes.   There is an HD video […]

Unreal Engine Tutorial Part 8: Playing Audio

  With the release of version 4.8 of Unreal Engine, playing audio actually became a great deal easier for 2D games with the addition of PlaySound2D.  In this section we are going to learn how to import and play audio files in Unreal Engine.  For the application controller I created a simple UI that fire […]

LibGDX Tutorial 8: Audio

Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   This section is going to be rather small because, well frankly, LibGDX makes audio incredibly easy.  Unlike previous tutorials, this one is going to contain a number of snippets.  LibGDX supports 3 audio formats: ogg, mp3 and wav.  MP3 is a format that is mired in legal […]

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