MonoGame Tutorial: Audio

  In this chapter we are going to look at using audio in XNA.  Originally XNA supported one way of playing audio, using XACT (Cross Platform Audio Creation Tool ).  Since the initial release they added a much simplified API.  We will be taking a look at both processes.   There is an HD video […]

Unreal Engine Tutorial Part 8: Playing Audio

  With the release of version 4.8 of Unreal Engine, playing audio actually became a great deal easier for 2D games with the addition of PlaySound2D.  In this section we are going to learn how to import and play audio files in Unreal Engine.  For the application controller I created a simple UI that fire […]

LibGDX Tutorial 8: Audio

Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   This section is going to be rather small because, well frankly, LibGDX makes audio incredibly easy.  Unlike previous tutorials, this one is going to contain a number of snippets.  LibGDX supports 3 audio formats: ogg, mp3 and wav.  MP3 is a format that is mired in legal […]

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