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Blender Projects Portal Launched

The Blender Foundation have just launched Blender Project site for managing Blender development, including source code hosting. This project was forced upon them, due to their existing solution Phabricator being shut down. Details from an earlier Blender developer blog: has been doing this for our community for years now, …

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The Future of Blender Development in 2023

The Future of Blender in 2023

Yesterday the Blender foundation released an article outlining the development priorities of Blender in 2023. These are all projects that are either finishing or under active development in 2023 and represent the major priorities of the development team. The fact something isn’t mentioned, such as sculpting or uv mapping, does …

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Blender 3.4 Released

Blender 3.4 Released

The Blender Foundation have just released Blender 3.4. The popular open source graphics application got improvements in several areas. New features of Blender 3.4 include: Key Links Download Blender Blender 3.4 Release Overview Detailed 3.4 Release Notes You can learn more about the Blender 3.4 release in the video below.

GameDev.TV Humble Bundle for Blender to Create Game Art GameDevTV

Learn To Create Game Art in Blender By GameDev.TV Humble Bundle

The Learn to Create Game Art in Blender 2022 Humble Bundle by GameDev.TV is now live. This contains several courses covering all aspects of learning to use the Blender 3D application. This includes low polygon 3D modelling, character creation, sculpting, environment design and more. As with all Humble Bundles, it …

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Blender Apps Tutorial Overview

What are Blender Apps?

Blender Apps are an upcoming Blender feature that were recently discussed/proposed on the Blender development blog. In a nutshell, Blender Apps are a way to build new applications using Blender itself as a foundation. Instead of extending Blender like you do with plugins/add-ons, Blender Apps are new experiences that make …

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