Apple Block Epic Games From Future Development including Unreal Engine

Apple Block Epic Games From Supporting Apple Platforms

On August the 14th, Epic Games launched a lawsuit against Apple after Fortnite was removed from the App Store for offering it owns IAP (In-App-Purchase) option along side Apple’s own. Today Apple retaliated against Epic Games by revoking it’s access to Apple devkits, making future support of Unreal Engine on …

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Epic Games 1.78B Funding Round

Epic Games Announce 1.78B Funding Rounding

News broke in June 2020 that Epic Games were looking for funding that would value the company at $17B. The first piece of that funding fell into place in July when it was announced that Sony would make a $250M investment in Epic. Today the rest of the dominoes fell into place with the announcement of a total of $17.8B in funding

Microsoft Join Blender Development Fund

Microsoft Joins Blender Development Fund

Microsoft has just joined the Blender Development Fund as a Gold Sponsor, joining the likes of Epic Games, Ubisoft, AMD, and NVIDIA.  Microsoft is currently using Blender in some in-house projects and will be supporting the Blender Development Fund to the tune of 30K Euro per year.  Details of the deal from the Blender website: Microsoft makes …

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Core Open Alpha Monetized

Core Platform Launch Pilot Monetization Program

Core, a game development platform by Manticore Games (previous hands-on here), have just announced a pilot program enabling game developers to get paid for their game creations.  Core is built on top of the Unreal game engine and provides you everything you need to create your own games.  Details of the pilot payment program from […]

Game Development Salaries 2020

Game Development Salaries in 2020

Over the weekend the hashtag #GameDevPaidMe was trending on Twitter, and it gave a seldom seen (and completely unvetted) look at the wages game developers make around the world.  Once such example tweet from @Squiddiez, currently working at Sucker Punch:You can check the hashtag out on Twitter here.  It is also important to note that […]

Magic Leap Lives To Fight Another Day Avoiding Layoffs

Magic Leap Secures Funding and Avoids Layoffs

In a time where far too many people are being laid off, it’s nice to get a bit of good news for a change.  AR tech start-up Magic Leap, have had a bit of a rocky year cumulating in the announcement they would be laying off half of their employees.  Thankfully it was just announced […]

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