Urho3D C++ Game Engine is Dead

Urho3D Is Dead…ish

We first discussed the Urho3D project all the way back in 2014. The open source, cross platform, C++ based game engine was first released in 2011 and recently experienced a schism the more or left has left the project as we know it dead. On the bright side, there are

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The Wicked Engine is now available on Steam

Wicked Engine Now On Steam

Wicked Engine is a powerful open source C++ based game engine (we recently showcased for more detailed information) that was just released on Steam. This makes it much easier for developers to evaluate the engine with no need to build from source code, nor deal with the C++ programming language.

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Raylib 4.2 Released C/C++ Based Open Source Game Development Framework

RayLib 4.2 Released

RayLib, a popular open source C/C++ based framework for game and multimedia development, just released RayLib 4.2. Almost a year after the release of RayLib 4.0, RayLib 4.2 has seen rapid growth in the number of contributors and much of the development of this release should make it easier for

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Carbon Programming Language C++ Successor

Carbon Programming Language

Announced a few weeks back at CppNorth developer conference in Toronto, Carbon is a new programming language being primarily developed by Google developers. The goal of Carbon is to provide a successor language to C++, by offering a modern more developer friendly language but also offering bi-directional support for C++,

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