raylib 4.0 released cross platform C/C++ games framework library

Raylib 4 Released

The open source C based cross platform game library/framework raylib just released version 4. This is the first major update since the 3.7 release in April, raylib 4 is a major update and should be considered a LTS or Long Term Stable release. One of the great things about raylib […]

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Ultra App Kit Released

Ultra App Kit Released

Ultra App Kit was just released by the creator of the Leadwerks game engine. Ultra App Kit is a C++ based SDK for creating GUI applications for high performance game development tools. Similar in scope to Dear ImGui, the major difference is that UAK is a retained mode framework. This

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Checked C Language

Checked C is a research project from Microsoft research that attempts to make the C programming language safer for developers. Checked C is implemented as a Clang compiler for Windows and Linux. It provides a series of extensions to the C programming language that make it safer to use pointers

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