Ultra App Kit Released

Ultra App Kit Released

Ultra App Kit was just released by the creator of the Leadwerks game engine. Ultra App Kit is a C++ based SDK for creating GUI applications for high performance game development tools. Similar in scope to Dear ImGui, the major difference is that UAK is a retained mode framework. This …

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Checked C Language

Checked C is a research project from Microsoft research that attempts to make the C programming language safer for developers. Checked C is implemented as a Clang compiler for Windows and Linux. It provides a series of extensions to the C programming language that make it safer to use pointers …

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Spartan Game Engine Review

Spartan Game Engine Hands-On

The Spartan Game Engine is an open source C++ based 3D game engine created by Panos Karabelas. Panos is a professional game developer working on rendering technology Codemasters. The Spartan engine is his personal playground for experimenting with game engine and rendering technology. The code is well architected and incredibly …

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Dear ImGUI GUI Framework 1.80 Released

Dear ImGui 1.80 Released

Dear ImGui is an extremely popular open source C++ GUI immediate mode framework used for many games and game engine/tool applications. ImGui has been used to create hundreds of games, engines, tools and applications, including several AAA games. Users include large game studios such as Blizzard, Ubisoft and Activision as …

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