Dear ImGUI GUI Framework 1.80 Released

Dear ImGui 1.80 Released

Dear ImGui is an extremely popular open source C++ GUI immediate mode framework used for many games and game engine/tool applications. ImGui has been used to create hundreds of games, engines, tools and applications, including several AAA games. Users include large game studios such as Blizzard, Ubisoft and Activision as

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Raylib 3.5 Released

Raylib 3.5 Released

Eight months after the release of Raylib 3.0, Raylib 3.5 was just released. Raylib is an open source cross platform C/C++ game framework. Raylib runs on a ton of different platforms and has bindings available for more than 50 different programming languages. The Raylib 3.5 release brings the following new

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Dragengine Hands On Review

Drag[en]gine Hands-On

The Drag[en]gine is a highly modular, open source (C++) game engine that has been under active development for several years. The Drag[en]gine’s modular approach is built around the GLEM concept breaking your game project into the Game Script, Launcher, Engine and Modules layers. The Game Script is implemented by default

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Mini Audio C Open Source Single File Audio Library

Miniaudio — Open Source Single File C Audio Library

Miniaudio is a cross platform open source C library for implementing low level audio functionality including playback and capture. MiniAudio is released under either public domain or MIT No Attribution licenses and amazingly enough is implemented as a single .H file with no external dependencies (except optionally stb_orbis if Ogg

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