Flax Engine 1.4 Released

Flax Engine 1.4 Released

Following half a year since the 1.3 release, Flax Engine 1.4 was released today. The C# powered, cross platform, source available game engine gain some very nice capabilities, along with a pretty massive change to licensing costs. Key Features of the 1.4 release include: a change from $25K a quarter

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NeoAxis 2021.1 Released

NeoAxis 2021.1 Released

The NeoAxis game engine just released version 2021.1. We have look at the NeoAxis Game Engine a few times in the past, most recently when the source code was made available in mid-2020. The NeoAxis engine is a full featured 2D/3D game engine, with an integrated world editor, terrain and

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Stride 4 Game Engine Released

Stride 4 Engine Released

The open source Stride engine just released version 4, several months after the beta release we falsely reported as a final release. Stride is a modern designed entity based Windows powered game engine capable of targeting Windows, UWP, Android, iOS and VR headsets using DirectX and Vulkan. The 4.0 release

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