Cocos2d-x Tutorial Series: Game Loop, Updates and Action Handling

  Previous Part Table Of ContentsNext Part   So at this point in time we’ve covered configuring Cocos2d-x, basic graphics, mouse, touch and keyboard event handling but wouldn’t it be nice to, you know… do something?  Most games are pretty boring if they are completely static, no?  Well in this tutorial section we are going […]

Cocos2d-x Tutorial Series: Handling Touch and Mouse Input

  Previous Part Table Of ContentsNext Part   In this part of the Cocos2d-x tutorial series we are going to look at how to handle touch and mouse events .  First you should be aware that by default Cocos2d-x treats a mouse left click as a touch, so if you only have simple input requirements […]

Cocos2d-x Tutorial Series: Installation, Creating a Project and Hello World

Table Of Contents Next Part     Welcome to the Cocos2d-x tutorial series.  Cocos2d-x is a cross platform, C++ based port of the popular Cocos2D ObjectiveC game development library. Using the most recent version of Cocos2D-x you can target Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.  Previous versions enabled you to target even more targets […]

Cocos 2D-x Tutorial Series

Cocos2d-x C++ Game Programming Tutorial Series

  This is the Table of Contents for our multi-part tutorial series covering all you need to know to create a game using Cocos2d-x and C++.  The tutorial currently consists of:       Installation, Creating a Project and Hello World   This section looks at getting Cocos2d-x setup and running. It gives a bit […]

Cocos2D HTML5 Tutorial

Cocos2D HTML 5 Tutorial Series table of contents

  The following are the tutorials covering Cocos2D-html, the HTML5 port of the popular Cocos2d-x library.  If you are looking to develop a 2D game using HTML5, this is an excellent place to start.   The tutorials were all updated on 8/12/2012 to the newest cocos2D code base.   Tutorials     Tutorial 1: […]

Cocos2D HTML5 tutorial 1: Getting set up and running

    This tutorial covers the process of getting Cocos2D-html setup and running.  If you already have completed this step, skip ahead.  It is also going to cover configuring a webserver, an optional ( but relatively easy ) step.  All right, lets get started.   First thing you need to do is get the cocos2d-html5 […]

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