CryEngine 5.7 LTS Released

CryEngine 5.7 LTS Released

Crytek just released CryEngine 5.7 LTS, the first public CryEngine release since all the way back in 2019. So after 3 years in development CryEngine 5.7 LTS is going to be packed full of new features? Well, no, actually… Features of CryEngine 5.7 LTS include: Scaleform 4 The Scaleform 4 integration […]

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Lumberyard 1.26 Released

Lumberyard 1.26 Released

Amazon have just released a new version of their CryEngine derived game engine, Lumberyard. Lumberyard is free to use, with the source code available, so long as your multiplayer services are either self hosted or use Amazon technologies. The 1.26 release brings several new features, including several around quality of

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CryEngine Release 2020 RoadMap

CryEngine 2020 Roadmap

Late last week CryTek released their development roadmap for the future of the CryEngine game engine.  Sadly it seems the next major release has been pushed back into 2021, although the feature list in the next version is pretty impressive.Details from the CryEngine blog:Mobile Support and Next-Generation Hardware: We’re working with Google and ARM to […]

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CryEngine To Get Mobile Support

CryEngine Getting Mobile Support

Announced at Google’s virtual GDC 2020 event, CryEngine will be receiving Android support in beta form this summer.  However if you check out the beta signup page, you will notice another key mobile OS is also shown.More details are available on the CryEngine news page:Crytek is pleased to announce that developers everywhere are invited to […]

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CryEngine 3.4.3 released

  Ok… is it engine release day?    Anyway, again the title says it all, CryEngine 3.4.3 was released today.  If you are un-aware, CryEngine is a 3D game engine like UDK or Unity, which is available for free to get started ( 20% royalty on shipped titles ).  In addition to the FarCry series […]

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