Defold Engine Adds Nintendo Switch Support

Defold Engine Adds Nintendo Switch Support

The Defold Game Engine (complete tutorial available here), recently transferred to the Defold Foundation, just announced support for the Nintendo Switch platform.Details from the Defold website:The Defold Foundation today announced the immediate availability of Nintendo Switch support for the Defold game engine. Nintendo Switch is the first console supported by Defold. Approved Nintendo Switch developers […]

Defold Engine Open Sourced

Defold Engine Open Sourced

The Defold game engine is now open sourced under the Apache open source license.  The source code is now available on GitHub and Defold development is now controlled by the newly created Defold Foundation.EDIT – The above contained an error.  The license is not Apache, it’s Apache derived.  This is unfortunate as Godot creator @reduzio […]

Phaser Defold and Verge3D news

Phaser 3.23 | Defold 1.2.168 | Verge3D 3.1 For Blender

Welcome to another NewsFromScratch game development news round-up. Today we have 3 different game engine releases, Phaser, Defold and Verge3D.Phaser 3.23 ReleasedThis release of the Phaser open source HTML5 game framework brings an important milestone in reaching 100% coverage of the entire API, including private members. This task also resulted in better Typescript bindings as […]

The Future Of the Defold Game Engine

The Future of the Defold Game Engine

The Defold game engine is a free cross platform 2D focused game engine from King, we previously covered here and here as well as a video tutorial here.  The Defold team recently released an update on the future roadmap of the Defold game engine.Details from the Defold blog broken down by engine category:iOS We will […]

Defold Game Engine Tutorial Series

Defold Engine Tutorial Series

  This is the homepage for our tutorial series covering the Defold Game Engine.  The Defold Game Engine is a free Lua powered cross platform mobile focused 2D game engine developed by King.  This tutorial series will cover all aspects of 2D game development using the Defold engine.  Each tutorial assumes you have read or […]

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