Unigine 2.12 Released

Unigine 2.12 Released

Earlier this year Unigine  started Unigine Community a much more indie friendly version of their long running game engine.  Now several months later we have Unigine 2.12, but don’t let the small increase in version deter you, this release contains tons of new features including new particle tools, curve editor, animation tools, …

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PlayCanvas Major Updates To Plans

PlayCanvas Plan Changes

The PlayCanvas HTML5 3D game engine just received a major update to the plans, adding major new features with no increase in price.  The new plans:The major changes are:5-10x increase on storage for all tiers Free: 200MB → 1GB Personal: 1GB → 10GB Organization: 10GB → 50GBCustomize the loading screen – remove PlayCanvas branding Download […]

001 Game Creator Game Engine Review

001 Game Creator 2020 Review

001 G001 Game Creator is a storied game 2D and 3D game engine for Windows that is currently featured in the Game Creator Humble Bundle.  In this video we go hands-on with the game engine and see if it might be a good choice for you.  If you are still undecided on 001 Game Creator […]

Core Open Alpha Monetized

Core Platform Launch Pilot Monetization Program

Core, a game development platform by Manticore Games (previous hands-on here), have just announced a pilot program enabling game developers to get paid for their game creations.  Core is built on top of the Unreal game engine and provides you everything you need to create your own games.  Details of the pilot payment program from […]

FlaxEngine 0.7 Released

Flax Engine 0.7 Released

Flax Engine, an in development closed beta game engine, we first covered in August of 2018, just announced the release of version 0.7 beta.  This is one of the final closed beta releases as the close in on a full 1.0 release and there are some major new features available.Details from the Flax Engine blog:Today […]

Wicked Engine Adds Vulkan and Direct3D 12 Support

Wicked Engine Gets DX12 And Vulkan Raytracing Support

The open source cross platform C++ powered game engine Wicked Engine, just got raytracing and path tracing support for both DX12 and Vulkan renderers.  Available as both a low level framework for building your own game engine, or as a fully capable engine on it’s own, Wicked Engine boosts the following features:DirectX 11, DirectX 12 […]

Neo Axis Open Sourced

NeoAxis Engine Open Sourced

The NeoAxis Engine just released the source code, although it’s technically not “open source” according to OSI compliant licenses.  You can now access the source code on GitHub.Here is the license:1. When publishing your product, you must add “Made with NeoAxis Engine (www.neoaxis.com)” with the product information and in its credits. 2. You can distribute […]

Cocos Creator 2.4 Released

Cocos Creator 2.4.0 Released

CocosCreator, a free Cocos2d-x powered cross platform game engine, just released a version 2.4.0.  If you are interested in learning more about Cocos Creator, check out our complete Cocos Creator tutorial series available here.Details of Cocos Creator 2.4.0:This update brings more new features, optimizes performance and improves stability. Efficiency is everything! This version contains many […]

WebGL Studio Hands-On

WebGLStudio Hands-On

Today we are looking at the game engine/framework combo WebGLStudio, an entirely browser based game engine with a complete visual editor. Key features of WebGLStudio include:A full 3D graphics engine (LiteScene.js) that supports multiple lights, shadowmaps, realtime reflections, custom materials, postFX, skinning, animation, and much more. An easily extended, component-based system for controlling the rendering […]

ezEngine Hands On Review

ezEngine Free and Open Source 3D Game Engine

ezEngine is an open source 3D game engine with a complete editor written in C++ using the Qt framework.  It is hosted on GitHub and available under the MIT source license.Details of the ezEngine:ezEngine is an open source C++ game engine in active development. It is currently mainly developed on Windows, and higher level functionality […]

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