Links of interest for HTML5 game developers

  HTML5 Game Engines   ImpactJS Cost: 99$ www.impactjs.com   Melonjs Cost: Free http://www.melonjs.org   Akihabara Cost: Free http://www.kesiev.com/akihabara/   Construct 2 Cost: Free / 79$ / 365$ depending on options http://www.scirra.com/construct2   Cocos2D-HTML Cost: Free http://www.cocos2d-x.org/projects/cocos2d-x/wiki/Html5   Cocos2D Javascript Cost: Free https://github.com/RyanWilliams/cocos2d-javascript   Crafty Cost: Free http://www.craftyjs.com   GameQuery Cost: Free http://www.gamequeryjs.com   IsoGenic […]

Cocos2D HTML5 Tutorial

Cocos2D HTML 5 Tutorial Series table of contents

  The following are the Gamefromscratch.com tutorials covering Cocos2D-html, the HTML5 port of the popular Cocos2d-x library.  If you are looking to develop a 2D game using HTML5, this is an excellent place to start.   The tutorials were all updated on 8/12/2012 to the newest cocos2D code base.   Tutorials     Tutorial 1: […]

Cocos2D HTML5 tutorial 1: Getting set up and running

    This tutorial covers the process of getting Cocos2D-html setup and running.  If you already have completed this step, skip ahead.  It is also going to cover configuring a webserver, an optional ( but relatively easy ) step.  All right, lets get started.   First thing you need to do is get the cocos2d-html5 […]

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