PCUI PlayCanvas User Interface Framework 2 Released

PCUI 2 Released

PCUI, the open source PlayCanvas User Interface toolkit, just released version 2. PCUI is used to create the UI of the PlayCanvas game engine (check out our PlayCanvas tutorial available here) that was first released in October of 2020. It provides all the common user interface controls you would expect […]

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Ultra App Kit Released

Ultra App Kit Released

Ultra App Kit was just released by the creator of the Leadwerks game engine. Ultra App Kit is a C++ based SDK for creating GUI applications for high performance game development tools. Similar in scope to Dear ImGui, the major difference is that UAK is a retained mode framework. This

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Box2D 2.4.0 Physics Release

Box2D 2.4.0 Released

Box2D, the popular open source 2D physics engine, just released version 2.4.0. Among other changes the 2.4.0 release saw a change from the ZLib open source license to the very similar MIT open source license. Other details from the release notes: Infrastructure Documentation in Doxygen format CMake build system Unit

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WebGL Studio Hands-On

WebGLStudio Hands-On

Today we are looking at the game engine/framework combo WebGLStudio, an entirely browser based game engine with a complete visual editor. Key features of WebGLStudio include:A full 3D graphics engine (LiteScene.js) that supports multiple lights, shadowmaps, realtime reflections, custom materials, postFX, skinning, animation, and much more. An easily extended, component-based system for controlling the rendering […]

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